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Today is Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sumner County Property Transfers March 30-April 5, 2017

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Devereaux and Joleen Cannon to Tony Brown, 1350 Rock Bridge Road, Bethpage, $95,000.


Clinton and Natasha Leavell to Jack and Kristie Verret, 1006 Meridian Drive, Castalian Springs, $198,900.

Gary James to Quinten Bright and Brooke Kufner, 553 Greenfield Lane, Castalian Springs, $213,300.


David Jimmie, Timothy Henderson to John and Teresa Stillman, 214 S Palmer Chapel Road, Cottontown, $199,900.


Jason Johnson and Brian Cook to Clayton Properties, 393 Maple Street, Suite 100, Gallatin, $180,000

NVR Inc to Charles and Tonya Parrish, 632 Goodman Drive, Gallatin, $335,226.

Parkside Builders LLC to James and Sybil Blair, 1061 Montrose Drive, Gallatin, $595,146.

Frank and Melissa Oakes to Joseph Haynes, 899 Harris Drive, Gallatin, $219,000.

Stephanie Seay to NASH 2 SF LLC, 1263 Woods Ferry Road, Gallatin, $155,000.

Johnny and Joy Fields to Diana Elliot, 1269 Woods Ferry Road, Gallatin, $94,000.

Southeastern Building Corp to Treva Bassett, 1088 Paddock Park Circle, Gallatin, $246,900.

Robert and Beverly Dorrance to Doald and Tracie Highley, 107 Bingham Street, Gallatin, $762,000.

James Ramsey and Robert Jackson to Jeffrey Miller, 509 Virginia Avenue, Gallatin, $91,000.

Little Knot LLC to Robert and Kandi Gallaty, 1029 Baxter Lane, Gallatin, $156,500.

Carole Burton to Dennis and Alicia Burton, 133 Lee Etta Drive, Gallatin, $220,000.

Jeffrey and Michelle Temple to William Swint, 141 Rockwood Terrace, Gallatin, $176,000.

Lennar of Tennessee LLC to Gregory Gibson, 203 Hempstead Court, Gallatin, $281,420.

Brandon and Lisa Fortson to Joseph and Erin Houdeshell, 1071 A Bradley Road, Gallatin, $575,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Efrain and Tracy Barreiro, 160 Day Star Court, Gallatin, $303,980.

Koby and Allison Dumont to Dillon and Ashley Gatlin, 251 Whitestone Lane, Gallatin, $370,000.

Toni Murray to Greg and Mallory Krisko, 338 West Lee Etta Dr, Gallatin, $600,000.

Bryan and Amy Bean to David and Cynthia Bean, 335 Neals Lane, Gallatin, $50,000.

David and Ann Wyllie to Harold and Rachel Stewart, 504 Hillside Lane, Gallatin, $125,000.

NVR INC to Gary and Heather Jones, 151 Hackney Lane, Gallatin, $355,724.

Mary Howland to Jeffrey and Lauren Tunney, 1430 Rozella Way, Gallatin, $200,000.

Jim and Glenda Milliken to Madison Pond, 116 Barry Avenue, Gallatin, $155,000.

Drees Premier Homes INC to Michael and Nancy Mayszak, 970 Vinings Blvd, Gallatin, $522,910.

Aletha Perry to Shane and Julie Henderson, 212 Far Away Hills Drive, Gallatin, $264,900.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Wendi Wolfram, 465 Ryan Avenue, Gallatin, $235,942.

Ralph and Kristina Myers to Michael Morrison and Deanna Tinal, 1003 Diamond Point, Gallatin, $600.000.

Brian Prince to Bennie and Sally Brewer, 1084 Gray Bill Drive, Gallatin, $160,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Charles and Elizabeth Boyd, 132 Gulfstream Drive, Gallatin, $328,371.

Michael and Terina Larue to Xinqing and Judy Guo, 2167 Gorden Crossing, Gallatin, $155,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to William and Valerie Hovenden, 395 Devon Chase Hill, #6401, Gallatin, $195,255.

Drees Premier Homes INC to Stacy and Shervetta Porter, 1658 Foxland Blvd, Gallatin, $451,712.

Ricky and Margaret Templeton to Bryan and Alice Tucker, 1048 Cragfront Estates Loop, Gallatin, $195,000.

Creekside Homes LLC to Paul and Wendy Grimes, 111 Higginson Place N, Gallatin, $493,900.

Joel and Paul Pursley to Andrew and Lyndsay Machado, 1584 Long Hollow Pike, Gallatin, $268,500.

Vivian Jackson to Thomas and Nancy Kirkendoll, 1105 Arizona Trace, Gallatin, $320,900.

Southeastern Building Corp to Scott and Sandra Foster, 1078 Lillian Lane, Gallatin, $350,167.

Lynde Austin to Lyndsey Austin, 151 E Morris Drive, Gallatin, $145,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC Herbert and Deborah Kuhn, 395 Devon Chase Hill, #6101, Gallatin, $199,995.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Louis Haire and Brenda Nesmith, 1038 Laffite Way, Gallatin, $348,229.

Ronald and Deena Romans to Charles & Nancie Read Trust, 1509 Boardwalk Place, Gallatin, $464,000.

Southeastern Building Corp to Bruce and Marci Butler, 156 Compton Street (A/K/A) 145 Vaughan Street,) Gallatin $409,680.

Southeastern Building Corp to James and Robin Park, 1077 Lillian Lane, Gallatin, $371,925.

Robert Helson to Donald Johns, 1244 Wentworth Dr, Gallatin, $282,500.

Louallen Builders INC to Jonathan Lomax, 1024 Harper Dean Way, Gallatin, $229,900.


Meritage Homes of Tennessee INC to Amanjot Gill to Nirmal Brar, 372 Old Stone Road, Goodlettsville, $313,442.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee INC to Damien and Kimberly Newton, 734 Burgess Drive, Goodlettsville, $370,810.

Cheryl Anderson to Steven Kubasti, 103 Bennett Dr, Goodlettsville, $165,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee INC to Jason and Katherine Zeleznik, 234 Sydney Drive, Goodlettsville, $369,950.

Clarence and Bennie Robert to Taven and Jillian Royster, 320 Hogans Branch Rd, Goodlettsville, $170,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee INC to Jimmie and Tamara Handley, 726 Burgess Drive, Goodlettsville, $369,873.

Vijaya and Lelidah Thekkeurumbil to Barry and Summer Yeiser, 116 Joshuas Run, Goodlettsville, $469,000.

Triple 4 Homes LLC to Bradley and Marybeth Turner, 614 Yvonne Dr, Goodlettsville, $350,000.


King Griffith Holdings LLC to Dalamar Homes LLC, 162 Cobbler Circle, Hendersonville, $65,000.

Jonathan and Joy Ferguson to Benjamin and Alicia Cummins, 213 Spy Glass Way, Hendersonville, $324,900.

Elizabeth Vaughter to William and Elizabeth Vaughter, 100 Crosby Drive, Hendersonville, $78,750.

George and Iris Thorpe to Trenton and Stephanie Thorpe, 131 Clearview Circle, Hendersonville, $198,000.

Danielle Trelstad to NASH 2 SF LCC, 158 Timberlake Drive, Hendersonville, $182,000.

John Barker to Mathew and Michelle Salada, 120 Ruland Circle, Hendersonville, $316,800.

Southeastern Building Corp to Frank and Melissa Oakes, 109 Philadelphia Place, Hendersonville. $308,900.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee INC to Bich Duong, 349 Cornelius Way, Hendersonville, $309,423.

Robert and Allison Summerford to Jordan and Abigail Lowry, 109 Ambassador Private Circle, Hendersonville, $244,900.

John and Carol McIntosh to Helene West, 226 Crooked Creek Lane, Hendersonville, $359,900.

SARCO GP to Scott Phillips, 116 Homestead Drive, Hendersonville, $205,000.

Irene Grissop to Floors Unlimited, 103 Harbor Court, Hendersonville, $180,200.

Wanda Williams to Jessica Westhoff, 104 Oakvale Court, Hendersonville, $179,900.

Chris and Angela Delucenay to Tom and Patricia Paulsen, 102 Deerpoint Lane, Hendersonville, $118,000.

Kellie N Waits Estate to Grover Murrell and Kurtis Wyatt, 951 Innsbrooke Avenue, Hendersonville, $259,700.

Deborah Butterworth to Gwendolyn Olinski, 102 Sugar Maple North, Hendersonville. $140,000.

Joe and Barbara Claybon to Elise Carlson, 106 Cole Court, Hendersonville, $150,000.

Bruce and Marci Butler to John and Leanna Baker, 104 Thicket Lane, Hendersonville, $358,000.

Dalamar Rental LLC to Linda French, 156 Cobbler Circle, Hendersonville, $357,421.

Elm Hill Homes INC to Danlea and Angela Ramathun, 328 Crooke Creed Creek Lane, Hendersonville, $411,829.

Grayson Group to Nathaniel and Courtney Cimala, 103 Cloverfield Court, Hendersonville, $190,000.

Michelle Pickard to Harold and Brenda See, 454 Jones Lane, Hendersonville, $399,000.

Brandon and Brooke Jaggers to Richard and Kristine St Onge, $101 Valley Brook Dr, Hendersonville, $323,000.

Eastland Construction INC to Michael and Kelly McDonnell, 1072 Luxborough Drive, Hendersonville.

Wylie and Jamie Brownlee to Ryan Treloar and Mollie Buerschen, 173 Summer Meadows Lane, Hendersonville, $184,500.

James and Julie Hows to Cindy Brown, 139 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, $180,000.

Michael Shular TR to Patrick and Maria McLaughlin, 1046 Heathrow Drive, Hendersonville, $529,900.

Johnny and Joy Fields to Easha Gray to 383 Bonita Parkway, Hendersonville, $137,500.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Richard and Kimberly Story, 315 Tanglewood Lane, Hendersonville, $389,464.

Drees Premier Homes INC to Dennis W and Deborah C Living Trusts, 127 Ashington Circle, Hendersonville, $429,900.

Bobbie Hankins to Sine Family Revocable Trust, 114 Haddaway Drive, Hendersonville, $250,000.

Andrew Rush to EA Properties LLC, 196 Edgewood Drive, Hendersonville, $99,000.

Wolff Investment Properties LLC to Boyd Hammond, 266 Anderson Lane, Hendersonville, $269,000.

Cumberland Builders INC to Kevin and Danielle Botner, 102 Whirlaway, Hendersonville, $69,500.

Paul O'Kelley to Layla Scott, 144 Ambassador Private, Circle, #41, Hendersonville, $254,000.

Hal and Cathy Stranz to Winward Properties LLC, 110 Hidden Point, Hendersonville, $323,000.

Todd and Angela Mingle to Ronald Womble and Marlene Johnson, 100 Walnut Trace, Hendersonville, $250,000.

Mark Smith and Nicole Heidemann to Travis Shrum and Angela Harrell, 115 Stillwater Trail, Hendersonville, $424,500.

132 Donmond Drive Trust to Douglas Brooks, 132 Donmond Drive, Hendersonville, $150,000.

Kelly Brooks to William and Rosemary Hoffman, 119 Haddaway Drive, Hendersonville, $280,000.

Ronald and Janet Mitchell to Paul and Sarah Davis, 134 Newport Circle, Hendersonville, $310,000.

Paul and Sarah Davis to Ronald and Janet Mitchell, 122 Saranac Trail, Hendersonville, $437,500.

Southeastern Building Corp to John Williams, 138 Annapolis Bend Circle, Hendersonville, $239,900.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee INC to Richard and Gloria Keen, 380 Cornelius Way, Hendersonville, $337,506.

Southeastern Building Corp to Tony and Summer Willis, 108 Burntash Lane, Hendersonville. $326,700.

Elder Calvillo and Glenda Arevalo to Mario Calvillon, 118 Cedarcrest Dr, Hendersonville, $170,000.

Thomas and Frances Patton to Burkett Nelson, 625 East Main St, #2, Hendersonville, $52,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee INC to David Albarran and Lisa Elkin, 376 Cornelius Way, Hendersonville, $320,361.

Danle and Angela Ramthun to Jeremy and Beverly Arnold, 108 Wyncrest Court, Hendersonville, $330,000.

Chris and Leslie Nanna to Robert and Kerry Konrad, 111 Saratoga Blvd, Hendersonville, $353,500.

Ryan and Jessica Williams to Jonathan and Amy Smithson, 107 Cresthaven Ct, Hendersonville, $190,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee INC to Craig Pearce, 364 Cornelius Way, Hendersonville, $309,809.

James and Tanya McPherson to Leah, Heather, Sylvia Eubanks, 122 Judson Drive, Hendersonville, $287,000.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee INC to Andrew and Jessica Dollar, 360 Cornelius Way Hendersonville, $340,950.


Kelli Bartolomeo to Michael and Cumberbatch, 1017 Mansker Drive, Millersville, $169,900.


Charles Lee to Jonathan Rachel Witteveen, 017 Goldfinch Trail, Portland, $241,200.

Jacob Lamberth and Robert Whitten to Eric England and Diane Miller, 125 Beaver Creek Drive, Portland, $184,000.

Goatdog Properties INC to James and Dawn Jones, 713 South Russell Street, Portland, $235,000.

James McGlothlin to Accord Capital Homes, Lot 15-711A North Russell Street, and Lot 133-116 Elise Lane, Portland, $52,000.

Wilkinson Land Co LLC to Portland Prescription Shop LLC to 705 South Broadway, Portland, $300,000.

Franklin Alden to John Cary and Laura Simmons, 814 Highway 52E, Portland, $100,000.

Jeremy and Samantha McFarlin to Aaron McFarlin, 753 West Harper Road, Portland, $72,000.

Jamie Briley to Michael and Jennifer Case, 126 Irish Oaks Drive, Portland, $206,000.

Joseph and Sarah Perdue to Justin, Kimberly Mayes and Judy Callis, 100 Terrance Court, Portland, $198,000.

Michael and Waltraud Culbreath to Hunter Rogers, 408 Glen Haven Dr, Portland, $139,900.

Jim Barlow and Jerrel Wiseman to Michael and Waltraud Culbreath, 571 Jackson Road, Portland, $175,000.

Wally Gilliam and Todd Adams to James Carey, 308 Hunter Street, Portland, $128,400.

Reviresco Reconstruction LLC to Kevin and Diana Johnson, 105 Austin Drive, Portland, $110,000.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Michael D and Michael R Glenn 410 N Russell, Portland, $110,000.


Lindle and Tammy Barger to Robert and Charlotte Bates, 209 Beechbrooke Ct, White House, $237,250.

Jimmie and Patricia Solomon to Alexander Scheel, 301 Rolling Acres Dr, White House, $180,000.

Harold and Doris Sprecher to Jeffrey Whittaker, 2404 Highway 31 W, White House, $163,875.

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