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Summer County Property Transfers May 25-31, 2017

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Deanna Ballentine to Laura Moore and Beverly Stewart, 1206 Smith Thompson Rd, Bethpage, $75,000.

Stephen Coates to Toby York and Kristin Pearson, 2553 W Mt Vernon Rd, Bethpage, $146,200.


Misti Wirth to Garth Troyer and Linda, Baker, 549C Governor Hall Road, Castalian Springs, $289,900.

Carey and Betty O'Brien to John and Robin Matthews, 1079 Hilton Lane, Castalian Springs, $265,000

Christopher Angela to Michael and Angelia Hambrecht, 1059 Pinnacle Way, Castalian Springs, $179,900.

Henry Marvin Phillips Estate to Penny Poston, 675 Canoe Branch Road, Castalian Springs, $56,000.


Robert and Allison Biggs to Rocco, Kimberly, Roxanne Zazzaro, 423 Creekmore Road, Cottontown, $399,900.

Robert Halvorson to Michael and Sheri Simmons, 465 Tom Link Road, Cottontown, $299,900.

Craig, Bake Freeman and Dawn Gillberg to James and Heather Williams, 366 West Hester Road, Cottontown, $90,000.

Shawn Karns to Nicholas and Letrecia Parchman, 172 Lee Road, Cottontown, $275,000.

Richard and Jeannette Chioccio to Harold and Bobbie Norton, 1027 Washington Drive, Cottontown, $70,000

Gary Hamlett to Chad and Jackey Hardin, 1945 Upper Station Camp Creek, Cottontown, $470,000.

Kenneth and Amy Harper to Joseph and Meagan Rudman, 244 Lee Road, Cottontown, $285,000.

Clayton Properties Croup INC to Michael Bates, 334 Lola Lane, Cottontown, $247,552.


Drees Premier Homes INC to Scott and Lisa Roe, 937 Vinings Boulevard, Gallatin, $553,700.

Stratford Park to Steven and Wright, 113 Cambridge Drive, Gallatin, $77,965.

Kimberly Shaw to Randall and Candace Wilkerson, 412A Kemp Road, Gallatin, $152,000.

Branda Anderson to Fred Howell, 1208 Bayview Drive, Gallatin, $75,000.

Creekside Homes LLC to Monty and Angela Crawford, 113 Bingham Street, Gallatin, $534,045.

Richard and Linda Harding to Peter and Hope Thern, 1215 Lake Rise Overlook, Gallatin, $338,000.

Second Generation Construction INC to Shannon Klinikowski, 1060 Lindyn Lee Way, Gallatin, $235,000.

Lanny and Elizbeth Finley to Calvin and Linda Corbitt,825 South Browns Lane, Unit 2302, Gallatin, $225,000.

Edward Fletcher to Martin and Kristin Herr 1041Vinings Boulevard, Gallatin, $415,000.

Denzil Overfelt to Thomas and Peggie Huddleston, 849 Kathy Circle, Gallatin, $139,900.

Terry and Angela Renn to Douglas and Jessica Richmond, 201 Sherry Circle, Gallatin, $199,900

Clayton Properties Group INC to Anita Peterman, 395 Devon Charles Hill. #6501. Gallatin, $203,155.

Garon and Angela Sims to Jeffrey and Courtney Tait, 1020 East Sagewood Drive, Gallatin, $274,000.

Ernst Construction Corp to Donald, Debra Young and DJ and Jane Alissandratos, 1133 Landing Court, Gallatin, $139,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Michelle Shults, 1018 Laffite Way, Gallatin, $404,864.

William Dinkins to Jason and Wendy Holland, 388 Albright Lane, Gallatin, $169,900.

Ali and Lara Khan to Jeffery and Michelle Crawford, 2641 Cages Bend Rd, Gallatin, $270,000

Southeastern Building Corp Terry Johnson, 1123 McMahan Drive South, Gallatin, $300,00.

Elise and Clara Schneider to Orange Rock Properties LLC, 128 N Pardue Ave, Gallatin, $155,000. David and Susan Hampton to Dansy Williams, 493 Callie Avenue, Gallatin, $267,000.

Debra Tuggle Braun Living Trust to Champ and Mildred Terrell, 106 Lori Lee Drive, Gallatin, $240,000.

Brian Harris Homes LLC to Hubert Revocable Living Trust, 1150 Landing Court, Gallatin, $1,099,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Bruce and Linda Cullom, 461 Ryan Avenue, Gallatin, $204,331.

Randall and Barbara Jones to Kenneth and Julie Buttrey, 476 Lucy Circle, Gallatin, $299,000.

Tracy and Libby Stuffle to Eatherly Properties, 1774 Shagbark Way, Gallatin, $246,843.

Eatherly Properties to AH4R-TN 3 LLC, 1774 Shagbark Way, Gallatin, $305,000.

Thomas, Ted, Edward Jennings to Sabrina Millwood, 239 Hale Avenue, Gallatin, $150,000.

Craig and Samantha Mullens to Terri Allen Trust, 137 Barbara Avenue, Gallatin, $154,914.

Edwin Lee Jennings Estate to Brann Rentals LLC, 562 Spencer Ave;117 Park Ave E and 123 Park Ave East A&B, Gallatin, $184,000.

Patricia Dorris to Wyndell Williams and Estrella Painter, Liberty Lane Lot 10, Gallatin, $131,000.

Jean Hudgins to Todd and Carol Abraham, 395 Devon Chase Hill, Unit #1003, Gallatin, $210,000.

Todd Welch to Robert and Bonnie Miller, 331 E Park Avenue, Gallatin, $144,900.

William and Alison Robinson to Brad and Crystal Brown, 904 Harris Drive, Gallatin, $275,000.

Charles and Piper Hammond to Christopher Anglea and Katelyn Pascucci, 1004 Louise Court, Gallatin, $259,900

Michael and Michele White to CSH Property One LLC, 1038 Middleton Lane, Gallatin, $303,500.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Justin and Karalyn Wallace, 404 Black Thorn Lane, Gallatin, $284,990.

Drees Premier Homes INC to Jeffrey and Catherine Harris, 960 Vinings Boulevard, Gallatin, $561,032.

Cline and Abbye Hodge to Patrick and Terri Brewington, 220 Skirving Terrace, Gallatin, $275,000.

Matthew and Kelli Lawler to Walter Kennedy, 1079 Tarpan Drive, Gallatin, $260,000.

Patrick and Vicki Fennell to David Pond and Sherry Hemby, 764 Plantation Way, Gallatin, $1,125,000.

Joann Heisinger to Francis Gerner, 1036 Harness Circle, Gallatin, $268,000.

James Turnbow to Daniel and Sheila Connelly, 313 Walnut Court, Gallatin, $88,250.

Thomas and Brittany Broadrick to Angela Perry, 309 Osprey Drive, Gallatin, $290,000.


Sumnerco Homes Buyers LLC to Trevor Moore and Aubrey Saling, 504 Elba Drive, Goodlettsville. $171,000.

Scott Sims to Nathan and Kathryn Barnes, 1139 Kimberly Drive, Goodlettsville, $339,000.

Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance INC to Cristian and Kimberly Soto, 1459 Williamson Road, Goodlettsville, $124,900.

Jeffrey and Dianne Payne to Jon and Susan Cole, 1239 Twelve Stones Crossing, Goodlettsville, $510,000.


Refreshco, LLC to Ronald and Beverly Maggart, 1126 Forestpointe, Hendersonville, $405,000.

Robert and Stacy Petersen to Jonathan and Holly Carmack, 2240 New Hope Road, Hendersonville, $475,000.

Krueckeberg LLC to Christopher and Alina Logan, 1059 Luxborough Drive, Hendersonville, $494,900.

Stratford Park to Jeffrey and Micha Clark, 426 Cornelius Way, Hendersonville, $97,440.

John and Alta Kendrick to Danny and Jennifer Britt, 104 Lighthouse Circle, Hendersonville, $300,000.

Clayton Properties Gould INC to Darrell Morris, 110 Dayflower Drive, Hendersonville, $268,685.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Michael and Pamela Amstein, 114 Dayflower Drive, Hendersonville, $296,003.

Meritage Homes of Tennessee INC to Duerksen Family Trust, 388 Cornelius Way, Hendersonville, $300,000.

James and Edna Hunt to Darrell and Judy Alford, 723 Forrest Retreat Rd, Hendersonville, $200,000.

Thomas and Joni Szell to Gina Lober, 124 Ruland Circle, Hendersonville, $325,000.

Nancy Keogh to Mia Thysell, 131 Jefferson Dr, Hendersonville, $319,000.

Brent and Kizar Luckett to Justin Roth and Jodi Cherry, 121 Judson Drive, Hendersonville, $278,500.

Brandon and Tony Constant to Chad Langston, 1242 Mud Hollow Road, Hendersonville, $269,000.

Jerome and Christie Hoosier to AH4R-TN 3 LLC, 166 Chesapeake Harbor Boulevard, Hendersonville, $288,000.

Marsha Price to Shane Hinman, 238 Old Shackle Rd, Hendersonville, $155,000.

Clayton Properties, Group INC to Thelma Purcell, 112 Dayflower Drive, Hendersonville, $260,460.

Gaines Home Building Corp to Cyrus and Marie Vatandoost, 117 Revere Park, Hendersonville, $479,950.

Teri Schweiger to Jeffrey Young, 123 England Place, Hendersonville, Hendersonville, $260,000.

Belinda Davis to Adrienne Rosenburg, 103 River Bend Rd, Hendersonville, $156,500.

Cara Rangel to Gregory and Abby Wilton, 1550 Centerpoint Road, Hendersonville, $368,000.

Carmen McNab to Andrew and Amanda Gregory, 174 West Harbor, Hendersonville, $275,000.

Anna King to Kyle and Joan Wiltshire, 102 Stillwater Court, Hendersonville, $290,000.

Benjamin and Anna Mercer to Timothy and Kathryn Hawkins, 116 Savo Bay, Hendersonville, $282,900.

Drees Premier Homes INC to David Ellis and Camille Sutton, 320 Tanglewood Lane, Hendersonville, $361,830.

William and Elizabeth Bowbardier to Matt and Jennifer Summers, 140 Bay Drive, Hendersonville, $315,000.

Harold Fleming to John and Natalie Chichetto, 145 Cherokee Road, Hendersonville, $240,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Kevin Napier and Lacey Mitchell, 620 Lingering, Hendersonville, $407,467.

Eric, Carl, Ann-Marie Holmgren and Nicole Finan to Robert Wilks and Joy Russell, 102 Edgeview Court, Hendersonville, $274,900.

Nicholas and Christina Toth to Kevin and Jennifer Welch, 111 Pin Oak Drive, Hendersonville, $279,000.

Allan and Deborah Betts to Wilfrano Andrade to Lorena Rios, 105 Grove Lane South, Hendersonville, $300,000.

Kevin and Barb Griffith to Adam and Jillian Maltin, 169 Grove Lane South, Hendersonville, $280,000.

Kent and Debra Snyder to Nicole Finan, 219 Spy Glass Way, Hendersonville, $335,000.

Matthias and Gladys Erdmannsdoerfer to Jason and Melista Greathouse, 111 Jamestown Place, Hendersonville, $254,000.

Ronald and Wanda Bye to Kenneth and are Yvette Moore, 1020 Heritage Woods Drive, Hendersonville, $580,000.

Barney and Jamie Marshall to Marshall Price, 1000 Northview Drive, Hendersonville, $274,900.

Lesley Kennedy to Mary Johnson, 194 Edgewood Dr. Hendersonville, $119,000.

Ihab and Lugrace Shalabi to Richard and Joy Kelly, 120 Orchard Valley Circle, Hendersonville, $156,900.

Gregory Harms to Jennifer Andrew, 142 Devonshire Trail, Hendersonville, $288,000.

Dalamar Homes LLC to Sherietta Thompson, 1012 Peck Place, Hendersonville, $390,000.

Benjamin Buchanan to CSH Properties One LLC, 112 Jameson Place, Hendersonville, $300,000.

J D Eatherly to Marshall and Breanna Ross, 123 Summer Meadows Lane, Hendersonville, $241,200.

Timothy and Donna White to Jimmie and Elizabeth Mobley, 67 Blue Ridge Trace, Hendersonville, $456,000.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Jason and Tracy Brewington, 319 Tanglewood Lane, Hendersonville, $359,990.

Penelope McWhirt to Timothy and Anna Flick, 1040 Stirlingshire Drive, Hendersonville, $260,000.


Ginger Smith to Thomas and Rachel Whited, 206 Westland Street, Portland, $141,800.

Timothy and Bliss Kuntz to Keith and Michele Buckley, 841 College Street, Portland, $219,900.

Kerry and Amanda Golob to Steve Somerville, 117 Alice Smith Drive, Portland, $112,900.

Roderick and Mary Schmitz to Donald Amber Whitehead, 1023 Alameda Drive, Portland, $234,000.

Joyce Rhodes to 21ST Mortgage Corp, 432 Parker Rd, Portland, $73,995.


Danny Henson Sr to Danny Jr, 971 Trammel Creek Road, Westmoreland, $170,000.

Stephen Stewart to Robert and Lynch and Tara Hatfield, 2134 Lambert Drive, Westmoreland, $140,000.

Jose and Vanessa Longoria to Steven Prager and Cheryl Dixon, 1330 Hershal Lyles Road, Westmoreland, $52,500.


Tyler and Samantha Culbreath to Thomas Curtis, 137 South Palmers Chapel, White House, $264,900

Richard and Carol Holland to Tracy and Lori Dalton, 1305 Poplar Ridge, White House, $153,000.

Deborah Gore to Gerard Hansen, 1125 Winding Way Drive, White House, $156,000.

Nicholas and Letrecia Parchman to Joshua Racine to Haley Mowatt, 424 Christian Drive, White House, $204,900

Dan Connelly Construction LLC to Luke and Chelsea Hobbs, 240 Thoroughbred Way, White House $249,500.

Donald and Gail Walters to David and Kristene Moore, 215 Eastside Drive, White House, $191,000.

Wade and Christina Werner to Philip and Tiffany Richard, 303 Allers Drive, White House, $255,000.

Dana Hickman and Dara Foster to Virgil Beckham and Kimberly Fox, 215 Fern Valley Road, White House, $262,870.

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